Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our School Hostel

Every school includes a hostel for the students. So our school has also a school hostel. Our school hostel in very effective for the far of students. The hostel attached to our school is a two storeyed building. It stands on a river. It faces the south. Light and air can get into it freely. I tis very neat and tidy. So our hostel is very hygienic. Hindu and Muslim students reside in the two parts of our hostel. We live in a complete harmony. Our superintendent is a senior teacher of our hostel. He is good both as a teacher and as a man he always works for our good. He moves from room to room and helps the students in all possible ways. So the results of the inmates of the hostel are quite satisfactory in the final examination. We have a good and happy life in our hostel.

Dialogue between two friends on Noble Prize

Dialogue between two friends on Noble Prize.

Sabbir            :           Would you please tell me about Nobel Prize?

Shibli              :           Surely. It’s the greatest award in the world.

Sabbir             :           Why is it called so?

Shibli              :           It was named after name of Alfred Berhad Nobel –a great scientist.

Sabbir             :           Who are awarded this prize?

Shibli              :           This prize is given to the persons for their most outstanding contribution to six fields.

Sabbir             :           What are they?

Shibli              :           They are Physice, Chemistry, Literature, Physiology, Medicine, and Peace & Economics.

Sabbir             :           For which out standing contribution has Dr. Mohammad Yunus been given Noble Prize?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Snake Charmer

A snake charmer is a familiar figure in Bangladesh. He moves along the roads. He carries deadly snakes on his head. He also marries a thick stick on his shoulder with baskets of snakes at each end. She shows different kinds of play with these deadly snakes. He knows how to have control over himself. He earns his livelihood in this way. A snake charmer wears a short lungi or dhuti. He has a peculiar flute. He plays on it when he lets the snakes come out of his basket for play. His peculiar song, in course of his playful ways with the snakes, draws a crowd around him. The children are very fond of him. They gather to see the snakes playing. People get much amusement from snakes dance. He sells herbs supposed to prevent snake bites to people.

My Idea of a Good Student

A good student is he who learns his lessons well and does well in the exams. A good student never does anything against discipline. He prepares his lessons well and does not leave the home tasks incomplete. He is hardly absent from the school. He comes to school in time and takes his seat on a front bench. He listens to what his teachers say in the class. He answers the questions that are put to him politely and properly. He respects his teachers, parents and other superiors. He behaves well with his brothers. Sister and friends. He is not unkind to the poor. He takes part in games also. He abides by the laws of morality and the rules of the school. He behaves well with his school mates. He takes physical study and he renders some social service. Really such a good student should be a model for all.

My experience of a storm

My experience of a storm

On 29 April, 1991 there was a terrible storm all over the southern districts of Bangladesh. the storm blew from the north-west and took the form of a cyclone just after sun set. The sky had been cloudy since morning. The weather was gloomy. Towards the evening the wind gathered force and it became violently strong after sunset. There was an awful sound all around. Showers of rain and flashes of lightning accompanied the storm and added to its violence. Houses were swept away. Trees were uprooted. The roofs of houses were blown out. It continued for eight hours and caused a great havoc to innumerable lives and property. I was astonished seeing the great havoc. I luckily escaped the fury of the storm. I must thank Allah for this lucky escape.

Agriculture in Bangladesh

Agriculture in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. About 80 percent of her people depend on agriculture. As Bangladesh has to support such a vast population from the products of her land it is necessary that her lands should be made to grow more crops than what they give now. It is a matter of great regret that Bangladesh is backward and underdeveloped in respect of her agriculture. Her agriculture suffers from a number of serious drawbacks such as fragmentation of land. Use of primitive tools ignorance of the modern methods of cultivation and lack of education of the farmers and so on. All these problems should be immediately solved in order to make the country self-sufficient in food. The govt. must take necessary be trained steps to give the perfect price of the crops to the farmers. The farmers should be trained in modern cultivation and provided with good seeds. Only then the agriculture in Bangladesh will get its bright result.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nightmare Experience of Life

I live with my uncle and aunt on a tiny island called Kukuri Kukuri char. As usual I went to bed at 10.30 pm after taking my suffer and fell into deep sleep. At about 12 pm. A cyclone occurred. It was attended with tidal bore. It washed away my world. But I did not know a little of it. It was the middle of the tidal bore. It washed away my world. But I did not know a little of it. It was the middle of the night when my uncle woke me up and told me to climb a tree. I thought he was playing a joke with me though he is not a person who plays jokes. When uncle woke me it was very dark. I could hear the wind blowing hard and roaring in the branches of the tree. He hurried me outside and I couldn’t even see the stars, so the sky must have been covered with clouds. It seemed an odd time to climb trees and I started to ask questions, but Uncle told me not to argue and to get climbing

I knew the best way up with my eyes shut. I felt for the low branch above my head, pulled myself up until I could hook my legs over it and hoisted myself up and on to it.  When the cyclone was over. I came down from the free. But what I saw was very miserable. I saw the dead bodies of many people. There were no sign of houses and trees anywhere. What was a nightmare experience of my life?

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